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Vinyl Sticker Questions

  • What size bumper stickers do you offer?

    We offer a variety of sizes to choose from! The most popular option is our 3” by 10” rectangle bumper sticker, but we also offer stickers in other rectangle sizes, ovals, circles, and custom shapes. See sizes and prices for all our stickers »

  • Can you make custom sizes?

    Yes! The easiest way to order custom sizes is to upload your image on the die cut sticker upload page. If you need help or more information, you can give us a call at 1-800-347-2744 to place an order.

  • What kind of material do you use?

    Our stickers are produced on a sturdy 4 mil vinyl material. Our stickers feature a strong adhesive that bonds well to smooth surfaces, but also removes well and will not shred or damage the surface. They are also very durable as they are weather proof and scratch resistant.
    Our bass drum stickers are printed on a different material. See more details about our materials.

  • Can you send material samples?

    We are happy to send sticker samples. Please call 1-800-347-2744 or email us with your name and address.

  • How long do your stickers last?

    Our stickers typically last up to 3-5 years under normal weather conditions. Some customers have reported much longer. If your sticker will be used unconventionally, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to clarify the exact time span you should expect for your purpose.

  • What kind of adhesive do you use? Are your stickers easy to remove?

    Our stickers feature a permanent adhesive. This adhesive will not damage most surfaces, like car bumpers, computers, etc. Certain surfaces and durations may cause the bond to become stronger, and may leave residue when removed. Don’t Worry! This can easily come off with warm soapy water or any type of adhesive remover on the market. If you would like to test our adhesive for your surface, we'd be happy to send you a free sample packet of our materials!

  • Do your stickers come individually cut or on a roll?

    All of our stickers are cut as individual stickers (they do not arrive on rolls).

  • Are the corners of your stickers rounded or straight?

    All of our square and rectangle stickers will come with a straight corner. Rounded corners can easily be done upon request for no additional cost.

  • Can I change the color on a item where the color option isn’t available?

    We can usually do something like that for you. Request your color changes in the Special Printing Instructions box in the customization process. Indicate which item you would like to change and to what color. If you would like to see how your new design will look, also request an email proof in the Special Instructions box before you checkout. If you have already placed your order, but it hasn't been processed yet, you may still request a change. Reply with your requested color changes to the email we first sent you when we received your order.

  • Can I replace a graphic on your template with a graphic of my own?

    We can usually replace a graphic on a template with a customer provided file. The first step is to place an order online using the preferred template. Use the Special Instructions box to request a change or addition of a graphic, then complete the order online. Once we receive the order we will send you an email. Just reply to the email and attach the desired graphic. We will edit the design and send a .jpg proof by email. Once we get final approval on the design we will process the order.

  • Do you print large quantities of custom stickers (i.e. more than 5,000)?

    If you are looking to print in quantities over 5,000 please contact us.

  • Why are die cut stickers more expensive than standard bumper stickers?

    Our die cut stickers are printed using a different process than our bumper stickers and since these are cut to a custom shape they take a little more time to produce and setup.

  • Can you bleed the stickers (ink all the way to the edge)?

    Yes, that is not a problem at all. If you would like bleed, please request that in the special instructions box at the time of ordering.

  • What if I have my own custom design that I would like as a die cut sticker?

    We can certainly print that for you! If you have an image file (like a .jpg, .png, or .gif) use our die cut upload page to upload your image.
    If you have a different type of file (like a .pdf, .psd, or .ppt), please call 1-800-347-2744 or email us to find out how to send us your file!

  • What are the smallest and largest die cut stickers you can print?

    We generally do not print stickers with a dimension smaller than 2" or larger than 14". If you need special sizing or stickers on a sheet you can call 1-800-347-2744 or email us to learn about what options we can offer.

General Questions

  • Do you print magnetic stickers?

    At this time we do not print any magnetic stickers. However, we do print large car magnets available through if you're interested in something larger than a typical sticker.

  • Do you print on cling material?

    Currently we don't offer any cling material.

  • Do you print clear stickers?

    We do not curretly offer any clear material.

  • What types of files do you accept?

    The files that will print the best are vector-based .cdr, .eps, .ai, .pdf, or .ppt files. Otherwise, any image file will work just fine (such as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .psd, etc.) as long as they are at least 300 dpi in resolution.

  • Is there anything you won't print?

    We reserve the right to refuse to print without reason. If you upload graphics to this site, you must have the authority to reproduce those graphics. You can not use our service to make copies of copyrighted works. We may refuse your order for any other reason, including but not limited to obscene, pornographic or offensive content.

  • Can you add a copyright to my design?

    If you would like, we can put a copyright statement in very small type at the bottom of your design. Please indicate this in the special instructions section of the online order form. Normally a copyright notice has the letter 'C' with a circle around it, followed by the date, followed by the name or organization's name. For example: © 2009 Acme Publishing.

    When we add a copyright to a design we assume that the customer has, or is in the process of securing these rights. If you would like more information on copyrights you can refer to the Library of Congress at You can also get information on trademarks from the Patent and Trademark Office

  • Are you a union shop and can you print a union bug?

    No. We are not a union shop and cannot print a union bug.

Pricing & Payment Questions

  • Can you combine multiple designs for a quantity discount?

    No. Since we deal with both small orders and large orders we have our prices broken down as per design. This allows us to avoid adding any additional setup costs to our orders.

  • What type of payment methods do you accept?

    We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and now PayPal! We also accept Checks and Money Orders made out to Graphicsland, Inc.
    We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal.

    Purchase orders are only accepted from schools and universities. Please fax the complete written PO to us at 708-614-1974 or email to support [at] graphicsland [dot] com . The PO must have a PO number, billing address, shipping address, our name Graphicsland, Inc., signature of authorizing agent, and the correct quantity and item pricing. If your purchasing department needs assistance setting us up as a vendor, have them call us at 1-800-347-2744.

    We cannot accept the following payment methods: Checks over the phone, International Money orders, or Checks written out to or

  • I'm nervous about entering my credit card information online. Is your site secure?

    Yes, our site is secure. We use a secure connection throughout the checkout process backed by Network Solutions to provide the strongest encryption available. In addition, we do not store your credit card number on our servers whatsoever. If you prefer, you can call us with your credit card information after you've placed your order.
    Secure Checkout

  • When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card won't be charged until your order is reviewed and put in production. You will receive an email once your order is in production.

  • I'm ordering from outside Illinois, but taking delivery in Illinois. Do I need to pay sales tax?

    We do not charge sales tax on orders shipped outside Illinois. We are required to collect Illinois sales tax on orders shipped to Illinois (or picked up at our location), unless a valid Illinois Tax Exempt number is provided at the time of the sale. Our order form has a place for the IL tax exempt number just prior to the payment method. If you are not sure of your organization's tax exempt number when you place the order, just write "phone in" in the textbox and phone the number to us when you have it.

Shipping Questions

  • How quickly will my order be printed and shipped out to me?

    Our orders are processed and printed within 2 business days. The delivery date of your order is dependent on the method of shipping selected.

  • Can I use my FedEx account number?

    Sorry, we don't ship on customer FedEx accounts. This allows us full control over the shipping/tracking process. It also avoids the possibility of shipping on an inaccurate or invalid account. Our FedEx prices are not overinflated, and are frequently discounted from the FedEx standard prices.

  • Can you drop ship my order?

    We can ship your order to any location of your choosing. However, all of our orders are shipped with a packing list which will contain your name and address, and the recipient's name and address. You can request that the packing list not show any pricing information, i.e. if you were giving the item as a gift.

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