Wholesale Bumper Stickers

Setting Up Your Own Bumper Sticker Business Has Never Been Easier

Here at Makestickers.com we offer wholesale, custom designed bumper stickers that you can resell, give away, or whatever! Our wholesale stickers have no identifying marks from our company so your customers won’t even know we exist.

Just let us know what you need! You can use any of our online templates or design your own stickers yourself. We’ll ship the stickers directly to you (not your customers) and you can resell them on your website, in a retail store, to other organizations, or any way you like.

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wholesale bumper stickers

“Yes, you too can sell bumper stickers for fun and profit!”

Our Bulk Stickers Are Competitively Priced

You can buy stickers from us and resell them for whatever price you want, all the way up to $4.95 each. For example, 1000 3x10 stickers would only cost you $0.56 per sticker.

See Our Complete Pricing List

We also offer boxes of 500 count #14 envelopes (5x11-1/2) for just $59.95.


wholesale bumper stickers

No Drop Shipping

wholesale bumper stickers

We won’t ship your stickers directly to your customers, we’ll send them to you and you’ll be responsible for mailing them to your customers yourself. Typically, you’ll mail individual stickers to your customers in a regular #14 sized envelope using a single first class stamp.

When mailing, we suggest that you fold a regular sized piece of paper (8.5 x 11) in half longwise and put the sticker between the folded sheets - like a hot dog in a bun. This protects the sticker nicely.

Great For Fundraising

Our bulk bumper stickers are not just for resale; they’re also great for fundraising, as promotional freebie giveaways, for school – church - or other group events, and more!

So whether you’re interested in reselling bumper stickers, or just need bulk quantities for any reason at all…we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer wholesale bumper stickers?

    Yes we do!

  • How Much Do They Cost?

    Prices vary with volume. See our complete pricing list.

  • Are these really custom bumper stickers?

    Definitely! You can use our any of our sticker templates, or you can upload your own design. We’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Can I resell them myself?

    Absolutely! Our custom wholesale bumper stickers don’t have any identifying marks on them from our company, so your customers won’t even know we exist.

  • Will you ship to my customers?

    No, we don’t drop ship directly to your customers. We’ll send a box of stickers to you, and then you can sell them to your customers and ship them yourself.

  • Can I resell for more than I paid for them?

    Absolutely! Now you too can sell bumper stickers for fun and profit! Buy them from us in bulk at a discount for less than $.70 cents each and resell them for any price up to $4.95 each.

  • Do I have to resell them, can I use them for fundraisers and promotional giveaways?

    Of course! Our wholesale bumper stickers are great for fundraisers, promos, and anything else you can think of.

  • My logos and designs are proprietary, can I trust you guys?

    Of course! During checkout, you can opt-out of letting us use your design in our promotions and social media. We take privacy and copyright very seriously here.

  • Can I sell these stickers online?

    Definitely! Sell them online, in retail stores, to other companies; virtually anywhere you want.

  • How do I mail the stickers to my customers?

    Our bumper stickers fit in regular #14 sized envelopes and can be shipped by using just one first class stamp. We suggest that you fold a regular piece of paper (8.5 x 11) in half longwise and then put the sticker between the folded sheets, sort of like a hot dog in a bun, then just put the folded paper and sticker into your envelope and mail them. This protects the stickers pretty well. The folded paper can be a note to your customer or their receipt.

  • What about envelopes?

    We also sell boxes of 500 count envelopes for just $59.95.

  • Can you give me digital versions of my stickers too?

    Sure thing, we can give you a .jpg image of your stickers.

  • Do you have templates I can use?

    Yes, you can use our standard templates (found on our website) or you can upload a custom design of your own.

  • We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal.
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business