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Do you have something to say? Drive your point home with a custom car sticker. Printed in the USA, waterproof, and UV-resistant, your message will withstand whatever is thrown its way. Not sure where to put your bumper sticker? We recommend sticking it to the right, left, or center of your rear bumper--you're free to stick it wherever you like.

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Product: Car Stickers
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Helpful Tips for Car Stickers

  • What material is best?

    What material is best?

    Bumper stickers should be ordered with a glossy finish, which is protected with a UV-resistant laminate. This can keep stickers from fading after months or even years in the sun to a minimum.

  • What size will my bumper sticker be?

    What size will my bumper sticker be?

    Bumper stickers come in 10"x3", which is standard bumper sticker size.

  • What shape is best?

    What shape is best?

    We recommend the rectangle shape for the classic bumper sticker look.

  • Are these easy to remove?

    Are these easy to remove?

    If you ever want to remove your bumper sticker to sell your car (or change political stances), it can be safely removed without shredding or heavy residue.

  • Are these scratch-resistant?

    Are these scratch-resistant?

    Don't worry about your bumper stickers getting an unintentional makeover--thanks to their glossy finish, your bumper stickers are built to be scratch-resistant (and bonus: you can't write on glossy).

  • Do you have a template I can use?

    Do you have a template I can use?

    We have dozens of premade bumper sticker templates you can use to create your customized design with ease.

Need Help Designing Your Sticker? We Have Templates

Take advantage of one of our many easy-to-use templates to help you design your custom piece.

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I would say by far the customer service that they provide is impeccable!!!!!! I would highly recommend this company to any and everyone.

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5 / 5

Ramiro G, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Ramiro G, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Great stickers and quality, quick shipping

Ram, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Water bottle stickers

These were fabulous! The staff helped answer questions for me to make sure I got what I wanted. They generated the product quickly and I received it in the mail just as fast. Great job!

Tammy, Jan 2023

4 / 5

They are good, but there should be an option to put a border on them for looks

Gene L, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Very nice stickers arrived on time.. Great company will definitely use again..thank you

mike l, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Look great!

Carla H, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Sweet & Sticky

Wow - ordered 3 stickers and couldn’t be happier with the result! Great communication through the process, great price and wicked fast! Great job, will keep you on my short list!

Bill M, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Laura L, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Great stickers

They are great!

Joshua R, Jan 2023

5 / 5

I love the stickers I created with MakeStickers - it was so easy and quick! The quality is amazing as well, which is very important as it's my company logo. Highly recommended!!

CA, Jan 2023

3 / 5

Did the 25 each of 4 different type stickers ship?

John S, Jan 2023