Custom Stickers

Fast, Easy, and Waterproof

Die-Cut Stickers

Cut to fit any design shape

Clear Stickers

Transparent and see-through

Circle Stickers

Cut to perfection

Holographic Stickers

Reflective, rainbow effect

Bumper Stickers

Add personality to your car

Rectangle Stickers

Use it vertically or horizontally

Glossy Stickers

Shiny, like a classic sticker

Matte Stickers

Smooth, with a flat finish

Oval Stickers

Soft curves vertically or horizontally

Square Stickers

Straight and equal sides

Water Bottle Stickers

Customize your water bottle

Laptop Stickers

Personalize your laptop

Stickers That Match Your Standards—
Simple, Fast, Dependable, and Affordable

Waterproof and scratch-resistant, our custom stickers are built to last. Order now and experience 2-day turnaround and free shipping. Make your next design stick out with high-quality, custom-printed stickers.


Customize stickers with an easy-to-use selection tool.


Enjoy 2-day turnaround with fast and free shipping.


Hands-on customer service is just a click away.


Save money when you order large quantities.

Customer Spotlight: Rita Volpi

Customer Spotlight

See MakeStickers in Action with Rita Volpi

Designing a Life of Adventure, One Bird at a Time is our latest Customer Spotlight. Meet Rita Volpi an Ohio-based illustrator and designer who uses MakeStickers to bring her outdoor based illustrations to life.

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Need Stickers on a Roll?

If you are looking for stickers on a roll instead of individually cut, we offer custom labels.

This is a great solution for product labels, packaging, or any other areas that need a professional touch.

Shop Custom Roll Labels

Latest Customer Reviews

How We Make It Stick

4/ 5

Thomas C, Jun 2023

4/ 5


Fantastic job on this project. Would definitely order again.

Paul A, Jun 2023

4/ 5

Good work

Chron S, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Love the stickers!!! They were so easy to upload, order and receive. They came in just a few days! They will be a big hit at our fundraiser!

Teresa L, Jun 2023

5/ 5

I took a screen shot of the image I wanted made into a sticker and it turned out great.

Chris B, Jun 2023

5/ 5

I had to re-order because my proofreading skills aren’t what they use to be..totally on me..

Karen V, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Raising the bar !!

I found this company by using a random search and man, they have made me a life long customer. It’s such a simple and clean process, you take a pic, you upload it and they send you a preview of it. Hit the order button and your sticker will be shipped super fast. And you get a duplicate sticker on the house. Amazing when something goes right. Will order tons more!!!

Alex B, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Great Service!

Stickers came out great and customer service is amazing! Definitely making my next purchase!

Kevin M, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Katie O, Jun 2023