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Create your own custom oval sticker. You can customize this sticker with your own image or use our templates. Stickers are printed and shipped within 2 days.

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Product: Oval Stickers
Price: $10.16

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Helpful Tips for Oval Stickers

  • Which material should I get?

    That depends. Glossy is our most popular with its split back and UV protection, but clear, holographic, & matte are all waterproof, too.

  • Will my sticker fall off?

    If you're sticking somewhere smooth and flat or cylindrical, it should stick for years. Our adhesive hangs on tight, but can be removed without shredding or leaving muck behind.

Need Help Designing Your Sticker? We Have Templates

Take advantage of one of our many easy-to-use templates to help you design your custom piece.

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MakeStickers is committed to giving you absolutely perfect stickers no matter what.

I would say by far the customer service that they provide is impeccable!!!!!! I would highly recommend this company to any and everyone.

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Customer Reviews

Our Fans Speak for Themselves

5 / 5


Kristy S, Nov 2022

5 / 5

For custom stickers, these are the guys.

I’ve used them many times for a variety of projects. Quality work, attention to detail, reasonably quick delivery, good pricing. No reason to go elsewhere.

Dan M, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Brandon M, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Richard O, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Tried and True Stickers

I just received my repeat order of stickers for our cars that I created to remember two extensive hikes we took in Europe. I will be using them as will my son and my brother and sister-in-law, all of whom were on the trips. As usual the stickers are excellent, and exactly what I wanted. What has been very nice is that Make Stickers maintains records of my previous orders and can fill them again. Great service and a very nice price!

Robert M, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Great product, and most importantly, sufficiently sticky.

Gregory Joseph U, Nov 2022

5 / 5

William P, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Janis S, Nov 2022

5 / 5


These stickers are exactly what I ordered. Everything was correct and look great. Very quick turn around also.

Nicolas S, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Awesome job

The stickers were awesome! Love the turnaround time and the customer support from Miss Holley… You guys rock. We will see you on the next order hopefully very soon.

Jeremy S, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Stickers came out great and were mailed to me within two days. Awesome!

KENNETH W, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Can you reopen this design so I can edit?

I’d like to tweak it. Please let me know. Thx

jeff z, Nov 2022