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  • How can I reorder a design?

    If you made an account when you checked out, you can find the design in your Order History and click "Reorder". If you checked out as guest, you can reorder from your online receipt. Otherwise, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

  • How quickly will my order be printed and shipped out to me?

    Our orders are processed, printed, and leave our facility within 2 business days. Proofs must be approved by 3pm (CT) on the business day before your order is scheduled to ship. The delivery date of your order is dependent on the method of shipping selected and we offer a range of shipping options including next day service.

  • Will I be sent a proof of my final design after I order?

    All orders will be sent a final proof of your design after our design team reviews your order. Our team will make sure everything will print great, and we will contact you if we do have any questions or concerns. All proofs will be sent by 1pm CT the day before your order is scheduled to ship. We will let you know when your proofs are ready. Please review them as soon as possible so that we can make sure your order is delivered on time.

    Note: Designs that have been ordered previously will not receive another proof.

  • Why am I being charged sales tax?

    We are required to charge sales tax in many states depending on their legislation. If you have a sales tax exemption certificate, you can enter your tax exemption number during checkout. If we do not have your certificate on file, you will also need to upload that to us during checkout to have the sales tax removed from the order.

  • What are the smallest and largest stickers you can print?

    Custom Stickers: 1" - 10"
    Custom Labels: 1" - 10"

  • Can you send a materials sample?

    Yes! We offer a sample packet of our materials.

  • Can you bleed the stickers (ink all the way to the edge)?

    Depending on your design, our team should be able to bleed your stickers. When placing your order, please make a note in the special instructions box with this request. If our team cannot bleed your design, our customer service team will contact you once the order is placed and let you know what options are available.

  • Can you write on your stickers?

    You can write on all of our stickers with a permanent marker, but we recommend choosing custom stickers or labels with a matte finish.

Custom Stickers

  • What kind of material do you use for custom stickers?

    Our custom stickers and clear stickers are printed on polypropylene (similar to vinyl) and laminated for durability. Our holographic stickers are printed on a polyester material and is also laminated for durability.

    Our glossy laminate, which is used on our glossy, matte, clear, and holographic stickers, is a PVC-free vinyl that is UV resistant, waterproof, and scratch resistant, and are great for use outdoors.

    Our matte laminate is a polypropylene that is waterproof and scratch resistant. However, it is not UV resistant and will fade in direct sunlight over a period of time, so we recommend them for indoor use only.

    Learn more about our sticker materials with our Material Education 101: Stickers.

  • What kind of adhesive do you use? Are your stickers easy to remove?

    Our stickers feature a permanent adhesive that will not damage most surfaces. Certain surfaces and durations may cause the bond to become stronger and may leave a residue when removed. Don’t worry! This can easily come off with warm soapy water or any type of adhesive remover. If you would like to test our adhesive for your surface, you can order a sample packet of our materials.

  • Do you print large quantities of custom stickers (i.e. more than 20,000)?

    Yes, but we cannot guarantee a 2 day turnaround. If you are looking to print in quantities over 20,000 please contact us.

Custom Roll Labels

  • What kind of material do you use for labels?

    Our roll labels are printed on polypropylene (similar to vinyl) and laminated for durability. They are waterproof and scratch resistant, but will fade in direct sunlight over a period of time, so we recommend them for indoor use only.

    Learn more about our label materials with our Material Education 101: Labels.

  • What kind of adhesive do you use?

    Our roll labels feature a permanent adhesive. This adhesive is strong enough to withstand daily use, like on water bottles or other hand-held products. If removing the label, you will need an adhesive remover for any residue left behind.

  • What size is the core?

    The inside diameter of the core is 3".

  • What is hand applied vs machine applied?

    If you are peeling the labels from the roll and applying them by hand, choose "hand applied." If a machine will be applying the labels for you, you have the option to ensure your graphic is printed in the correct orientation to work with your machine.

  • Am I able to choose the orientation for the label?

    Yes! Choose "machine applied" when you are adding your design to your cart. This will allow you to pick which orientation your design prints on the roll.

  • Am I able to print multiple designs on a single roll?

    No, at this time we can only print one design per roll.

  • Can I request a custom quantity printed per roll?

    Yes, that is not a problem at all. When placing your order, make a note in the special instructions box of how many labels you would like on each roll. An additional $15 per roll will be charged for custom quantities. If you need a quote before placing your order, contact us with the label size, quantity and number of rolls you're looking to receive, and our team will provide pricing.

General Questions

  • Do you print magnetic stickers or cling material?

    At this time we do not print any magnetic stickers or cling material. All of our products use an adhesive and are pressure-applied

  • Can I receive a sample of my own design?

    We don't offer free custom samples, but we do offer a sample packet of our materials..
    Also, we do not have a minimum quantity for stickers so you are welcome to order 1 sticker and place a larger order at a later date.

  • What types of files do you accept?

    The files that will print the best are vector-based .cdr, .eps, .ai, .pdf, or .ppt files. Otherwise, any image file will work just fine (such as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .psd, etc.) as long as they are at least 300 dpi in resolution.

  • Is there anything you won't print?

    We may refuse your order for any reason, including but not limited to obscene, pornographic or offensive content. If you upload graphics to this site, you must have the authority to reproduce those graphics. You cannot use our service to make copies of copyrighted works. We reserve the right to refuse to print without reason.

  • Can I request changes to my design?

    Yes, if you are using one of our design templates you can request changes. Add your request in the Special Instructions box after choosing your size and quantity and we will let you know if we can make the change.

  • Can you add a copyright to my design?

    If you would like, we can put a copyright statement in very small type at the bottom of your design. Please indicate this in the Special Printing Instructions section when you customize your design.

    When we add a copyright to a design we assume that the customer has, or is in the process of securing, these rights. If you would like more information on copyrights you can refer to the Library of Congress at You can also get information on trademarks from the Patent and Trademark Office

Payment & Shipping

  • Can you combine multiple designs for a quantity discount?

    While we don't offer a bulk quantity discount if different designs are ordered, we do offer a multi-item discount for ordering multiple designs on the same order. The multi-item discount will appear in your cart once you add at least 2 designs. With the multi-item discount, the most expensive item is full price and every design added after will be discounted.

  • What type of payment methods do you accept?

    We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and PayPal.
    American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal

    Purchase orders are accepted from schools and hospitals. If you would like to pay with a purchase order as a business, please contact us to receive our credit application for approval.

    We cannot accept checks without prior approval or international money orders as payment.

  • I'm nervous about entering my credit card information online. Is your site secure?

    Yes, our site is secure. We use a secure connection throughout the checkout process backed by Network Solutions to provide the strongest encryption available. In addition, we do not store your credit card number on our servers. If you prefer, you can call us with your credit card information after you've placed your order.

  • When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card will be authorized when you place your order and will be charged once your order is reviewed and your proof is approved.

  • Can I use my FedEx or UPS account number?

    In order for us to better manage the shipping and tracking process, we don't offer an option to ship on customer's FedEx or UPS accounts.

  • Can you blind ship my order?

    We currently do not offer any blind shipping. All orders are shipped with our return address and branding information; however, we do not include packing lists or pricing within the package.

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